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Gay Parenting: A whole new batch of Victims of the Sexual Revolution

June 27th, 2014 Comments off

Every stage of the Sexual Revolution has produced victims. No-fault divorce produced children scarred in ways no one predicted in 1968.  “Kids are resilient: they will be fine as long as their parents are happy.”  No-fault divorce also produced The Reluctantly Divorced: those millions of unseen and unacknowledged souls who wanted to stay married, but their spouses wanted divorce.  The government takes sides with the partner who wants the marriage the least.

Going from house to house every week, the kids aren't fine.

Going from house to house every week, the kids aren’t fine.

It may not sound plausible, at least not at first. But genderless marriage, that newest edge in the cutting edge of social change, will also produce another whole new batch of victims.  These victims will not be entirely innocent, the way so many victims of divorce were. They are adults, taking steps of their own free will.  But they will be victims just the same: they are being lied to by the culture.

Exhibit A: Sperm Donor Diary.

This New York Times series is an exploration into the personal meaning of being a known sperm donor to a lesbian couple. David Dodge is uncertain what it means to be a bio-dad.

David writes about being on the Cutting Edge of Gay Family Law. Traditionally, (if I may be so bold as to use such a retro term) “presumption of paternity” answered the question “who’s your daddy?” by saying “the mother’s husband.”  The Read more…

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My Three Daddies: California Eyes Multiple Parenting Law

July 5th, 2012 Comments off

More craziness from California:

California, the battleground state for the arguments for and against same-sex marriage, is now considering an unconventional law that would allow children to be legally granted more than two parents. Read more…

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Planned Parenthood Tried to Keep a 14-year-old Girl – Impregnated by a 20-year-old ‘Man’ – From Her Father and Police

February 21st, 2011 8 comments

This incident is just more evidence of Planned Parenthood’s mindset and priorities.

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Now that the door is open, in marches…

November 2nd, 2010 93 comments

One consequence that is sure to follow from marriage redefinition is that courts will be yet more empowered to assign parental rights and responsibilities.

How wonderful that would be!

If we just allow biology to determine parental rights, what a disaster!  In disputed cases, we would send wet, messy biological samples to labs!  There, those samples will be analyzed by scientists.  Scientists who probably never took a humanities course in their lives!  How can we let people who don’t know the first thing about postmodern critical theory make decisions like that?  How would social justice be served?

And that’s not just in same sex cases, either.

Andrew Stuttaford discusses an article in which this frightening idea is aired: Read more…

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The Wheels They Are A-Spinnin’

September 16th, 2010 16 comments

This post on Yahoo Answers has been making the rounds as of late.

Can you make a male baby sitter pay child support?

I’m a single mom going to college with my sister. We currently rent an apartment together. A couple weeks ago, I asked my neighbor, a trustworthy guy, if he could watch the kids for two hours while I went to class and my sister wasn’t home, and he agreed. If he babysits and doesn’t accept pay, can I sue him for child support because he took on a fatherly role?? I’m sure I can convince a court that he accepted a fatherly role. Read more…
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Fred on Hooking Up…

July 4th, 2010 9 comments

Fred Reed writes some provocative stuff.  I often disagree with him, but he’s smart as a whip and always interesting.  In this article, he takes on hooking up.

I see where women, or college girls anyway, are honking and blowing most fierce about how they don’t like the way sex works nowadays. Yeah. It seems that the hook-up is in flower. Read more…

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Parenting and Thought Reform

July 2nd, 2010 9 comments

Family law Judges are famous for their truly disgusting rulings.  But no matter how low they sink into the muck, they continuously find a way to achieve new lows of tyranny and immorality.

Witness this case: Read more…

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Marriage Law Digest for December 2009

January 4th, 2010 Comments off

is now available from iMAPP.   The Digest is a summary of significant legal developments concerning marriage during the month of December. Edited by Mr. William Duncan, who is also a member of the Ruth Institute’s Academic Advisory Board, this month’s edition includes cases from around the English-speaking world. This is a valuable resource for anyone who wants links to the important cases. The cases this month include: Read more…

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Good News for Irish Fathers

December 10th, 2009 1 comment

An Irish court ruled that the biological dad who donated sperm to a lesbian couple still has some rights.

the five judges of the Supreme Court today found that, while man was not entitled to guardianship of the three-year-old boy at this time, it would be in the child’s best interest for his father to have access to him.

This case illustrates the coming conflict between lesbian couples and the father of their children. Read more…

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