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The Equality Battering Ram

April 4th, 2014 Comments off

Brendan Eich has just resigned as CEO of Mozilla, maker of one of the most popular web browsers. He made a $1,000 donation to Proposition 8, back in 2008, an insubstantial sum really, to a campaign that is 6 years old. The Gay Lobby, the current shock troops of the Sexual Revolution,  demanded his resignation, or a show trial in which he repudiates his actions, or preferably, both. 

Listen to this short statement from one of the principals in the dispute, Geoffrey MacDougall, the Head of Development for Mozilla.  He pitches this as a conflict of rights, without taking sides as to which right should predominate. Read more…

Transgender Man Allowed to Use Same Locker Room as Young Girls

November 15th, 2012 Comments off


Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington has an 11 Lane Olympic size swimming pool. The pool and its amenities are used by various groups of the community including grade school and high school students. All females who use the pool share the same women’s locker room. Read more…

Equality Matters is Watching Me

January 7th, 2012 Comments off

Some of my Friends With Wrong Ideas (FrieWIs) keep a very close watch on me.  I don’t feel a need to respond to every post.  Every once in a while, however, they do me a favor.  Take this audio clip posted over at Equality Matters, for instance.   Posted with a breathless headline, “NOM’s Morse: Hate Crimes Laws are Anti-American, Limit Free Speech.”  This headline is designed to brand me, before you, the reader/listener, even hear what I have to say. This is from an hour long interview I did with a blog radio host called Stacy Swimp. Equality Matters went to the trouble of pulling out this 5 minutes and making it into its own little post. Read more…

Update: CA schools and SB 48 (LGBT history curriculum)

September 7th, 2011 23 comments

Back in July, the California legislature passed SB 48.  It mandates that all public schools must include positive discussions of the sexual orientations of transgender, bisexual, and gay Americans when teaching their contributions to history.  This includes rewriting text books and using supplemental discussion materials. Read more…

Christian consultant gets another pink slip

August 31st, 2011 41 comments

by Charlie Butts

Yet another major corporation has fired a well-known leadership and teambuilding trainer for writing a book on how same-gender “marriage” causes harm.

Frank TurekDr. Frank Turek is the author of Correct, Not Politically Correct: How Same-Sex Marriage Hurts Everyone. First, Cisco Systems canceled a training contract with Turek even though the sessions had nothing to do with his views on same-gender marriage. Now, Bank of America has done the same — and in both cases, because one person complained. Read more…

Don’t hurt yourself jumping to conclusions!

Honestly, you really ought to stretch and warm up a bit before jumping to conclusions. You guys jumped so far and so hard, I’m worried you might hurt yourselves!

I am referring of course, to my now notorious anal sex post. You will recall I made a simple statement: Read more…

Liberty, Justice, and the Common Good: Political Principles for 2012 and Beyond

August 22nd, 2011 Comments off

by Ryan T. Anderson

August 22, 2011
Introducing a Public Discourse symposium on the 2012 election.

For most of us, the defining exercise of political judgment is voting. It is the central activity of democratic citizenship. In a system of republican self-government such as ours, the decision of whom to place in public office is of paramount importance. It sets the direction of our public policy and law, and it has profound consequences for our liberty, the justice of our relationships, and the common good of our political community. Read more…

Taking the opportunity to speak freely while it is still legal

Vulgarity alert: don’t read this post out loud in front of your kids or your grandmother.

The news of a popular teacher in Florida losing his job over Facebook comments could have a chilling effect on free speech.  As one of our commenters pointed out, the people of Florida do not agree that marriage is the union of any two persons.  They voted quite decisively to protect the definition of marriage as the
union of a man and a woman.  In other words, this teacher may lose his job for saying that he agrees with the legal definition of marriage in his state.  Go figure.

So, let me say a couple of things that may one day, become  illegal.  In my humble opinion:

1. Kids need a mother and a father. Read more…

Symbol of Stupidity

I’ve noticed that writing about symbols is a sure way to generate a lot of hate mail from my “feel the love” Friends With Wrong Ideas. But here goes anyway.

Regular Ruth Readers have heard me say many times that “equality” is not a stand-alone concept.  The term “equality” needs a referent:  who is equal to whom and in what context?  If you don’t specify those basic parameters, the concept of equality means exactly nothing. It is similar to saying “mine’s bigger,” without saying “what exactly of yours are we talking about?” or “bigger than what?”

Evading this elementary problem of context is the heart of the rhetorical strategy of the advocates for so-called marriage equality.  I have argued elsewhere that the “marriage equality” concept is nonsense.  I’m convinced that treating same sex couples identically at law with opposite sex couples will create new forms of inequality in all the relationships that depend on or derive from marriage.  Fathers of the children in lesbian relationships won’t be equal to other fathers; children of same sex couples won’t be equal to other children.  And most recently, we’ve shown on this blog that biological mothers in sexual relationships with other women will not be treated equally with other mothers.

This is why “marriage equality” is impossible. The newly redefined institution either won’t be really equal for everyone, or it won’t be marriage.

But this is a complex set of arguments.  They are time-consuming to explain and not easily amenable to sound bites. This is a big disadvantage for our side.  But, as it happens, one of the leading marriage redefinition groups has come up with the perfect symbol for making this very point. Allow me to explain.

In mathematics, one never sees an equal sign standing all by itself.  An equal sign will have something on either side of it, as in “2+2” on one side of the equal sign, and the numeral “4” on the other.  Or, one might see a scientific law or formula using an equal sign, such as f=ma or MV=PQ.  But an equal sign standing alone, with nothing on either side, means exactly nothing: a pair of horizontal lines of no special significance.

This naked equal sign is the perfect symbol for marriage “equality:” both are meaningless concepts. Both fail to specify the terms that would allow the concept to contain any meaning.

This is why I am grateful to the marriage redefinition organization that gives its supporters equal signs for bumper stickers.  I’m sure they think they are striking a symbolic blow for “marriage equality.” But in fact, they are driving around with their mathematical and logical ignorance “proudly” on display.


Michelle Bachmann and Ex-Gays

July 18th, 2011 23 comments

I Am a Man

By Greg Quinlan
Why have gay activists instigated media attention over ex-gays and the husband of Presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann?
Apparently, Mr. Bachmann, who has a PhD in clinical psychology, operates several counseling centers which also offer services to homosexual clients seeking to overcome unwanted same-sex attractions.  But because even one ex-gay proves that homosexual behavior is not innate or immutable, the gay lobby’s fear of their former members results in false claims and attacks aimed at preventing homosexuals from exercising their right to self-determination. They cannot bear to have even one homosexual leave homosexuality, hence their outrage at Dr. Bachmann.  Read more…