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Equality Matters is Watching Me

January 7th, 2012 Comments off

Some of my Friends With Wrong Ideas (FrieWIs) keep a very close watch on me.  I don’t feel a need to respond to every post.  Every once in a while, however, they do me a favor.  Take this audio clip posted over at Equality Matters, for instance.   Posted with a breathless headline, “NOM’s Morse: Hate Crimes Laws are Anti-American, Limit Free Speech.”  This headline is designed to brand me, before you, the reader/listener, even hear what I have to say. This is from an hour long interview I did with a blog radio host called Stacy Swimp. Equality Matters went to the trouble of pulling out this 5 minutes and making it into its own little post. Read more…

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Who is obsessed with what?

Oftentimes our FrieWIs (that’s Friends With Wrong Ideas) suggest that we are obsessed with all things gay. Why don’t we work on abolishing divorce? Why don’t we care about all the other atrocities perpetrated by straight people?

In the light of that continual carping, I find it interesting to notice which posts generate the most comments and discussion over here at the Ruth blog.  In the past week or so, we have had posts on the high costs of divorce, (you see Sean, we care about this issue) on the selective reduction of even twins in IVF clinics, (done by primarily though not exclusively by straight women) on sterilization targets in India, (an atrocious invasion of people’s liberty and privacy perpetrated by the government), and on an various instances of malfeasance by the IVF industry, here and here, (an industry we dislike, no matter who is using it.)

But none of these posts generate the same discussion as my posts on symbolic issues that the Life Style Left deems important.

We think the sexual revolution is an on-going train wreck. We are ready willing and able to talk about all those issues. Will you join us? Or are you simply obsessed with yourselves?

Just asking.

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