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The importance of Mum-time

April 17th, 2014 No comments

The News Story – In turnaround, more moms are staying home, study says

In a happy piece of news, a study by the Pew Research Center reveals that more moms are staying at home to care for their children. Read more…

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Bad words grandparents teach their grandchildren

April 11th, 2014 Comments off

I don’t know how many times my mother said to my father during their two-week visit, “Michael, language…” Fortunately, my children didn’t add any of his colorful choices to their own vocabulary. In truth, it was Grandma who did the most damage, teaching my sweet, innocent girls the dreaded “p” word. Read more…

Single sex schooling and gender theory

April 9th, 2014 Comments off
New research questions the advantage of separate schools for boys and girls and suggests they lead to role stereotyping.

As someone who has taught in and led boys’ schools for almost 30 years, dealt with thousands of parents who prefer single sex schooling and felt satisfied that we were doing a good job for the young people educated in our system, I was naturally interested in a recent study claiming that single sex education makes little or no difference to student performance and attitudes when compared with co-education. Read more…

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The unspeakable link between family stability and prosperity

April 8th, 2014 Comments off
The first step to solving a problem is recognising that one exists.

Sara (not her real name) wouldn’t wish single motherhood on anyone. When she and her partner split, it was hard. She remembers the days of shifting emotions and shifting locations. And of course it was hard financially – which, she adds, it still very much is. Read more…

A sticky situation. (And a tacky title.)

April 4th, 2014 Comments off

At dinner one evening my sister noticed a small white glob adhered to her eight-year-old son’s cheek. She couldn’t understand how he got toothpaste on his face at dinner time.

“Wash that toothpaste off your face,” she told him.

“It’s not toothpaste,” he insisted.

“Then what the heck is it?” she asked. Read more…

The budding fashionista

March 28th, 2014 Comments off

My children were watching a cartoon movie. It was one that they’d seen before. As such, I was rather confused when my four-year-old daughter quickly covered her eyes during one part. Usually once they’ve seen a movie for the first time, the scary parts aren’t so scary on subsequent viewings. But when I checked the screen, I saw that it wasn’t at all a scary scene.

“What’s the matter?” I asked my daughter.

“I just can’t watch this part,” she said.

“Why not?”

I could hardly believe her answer. Read more…

It’s Down Syndrome Day, but for how long?

March 22nd, 2014 Comments off
We interview a doctor with a passion to serve people with Down – even before they are born.

Brian Skotko and Carolyn Moynihan

On World Down Syndrome Day (March 21) whom better to tune into than Brian Skotko, an American geneticist and paediatrician who has dedicated his professional career to service of people with Down and their families? Those people include his own younger sister, Kristin, of whom he said in a recent interview with Science magazine: Read more…

All great accomplishments deserve to be known

March 20th, 2014 Comments off

When I was a newly potty trained toddler, my parents had the misfortune of hosting a dinner party. When I, in my nicest dress and on my best behavior, of course, was introduced to the guests, I said to them, “Guess what? I go poopoo and peepee on the potty now.” I’m sure they were delighted to know it.

Then, as if that weren’t enough information, while I was getting ready for bed and my parents and their friends were sitting around the dinner table, I brought my Read more…

ITAF – regional Conference in Dallas

March 14th, 2014 Comments off

Love is serving others…or ourselves

March 14th, 2014 Comments off

My four-year old got into her car seat and told me, “You can strap me in, Mommy, because I love you.” My six-year-old jumped into her seat and said, “I can strap myself in because I love myself!”

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