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News and Views on Surrogacy

April 10th, 2014 Comments off

from Jennifer Lahl, CBC Network

While we were making our latest documentary film, Breeders: A Subclass of Women?, we knew that it was well timed as surrogacy is becoming an increasingly pressing topic. And indeed, since we released the film in January, surrogacy seems to be in the news more than ever, several states are considering legislation that would legalize it, and we are writing and speaking on it almost every day. Our film is having a direct impact—it is being screened in community groups and on college campuses, people are buying the DVD, and others are watching online. Read more…

The Equality Battering Ram

April 4th, 2014 Comments off

Brendan Eich has just resigned as CEO of Mozilla, maker of one of the most popular web browsers. He made a $1,000 donation to Proposition 8, back in 2008, an insubstantial sum really, to a campaign that is 6 years old. The Gay Lobby, the current shock troops of the Sexual Revolution,  demanded his resignation, or a show trial in which he repudiates his actions, or preferably, both. 

Listen to this short statement from one of the principals in the dispute, Geoffrey MacDougall, the Head of Development for Mozilla.  He pitches this as a conflict of rights, without taking sides as to which right should predominate. Read more…

A Very Busy Season

April 3rd, 2014 Comments off

Recently @

by Jennifer Lahl, CBC President

We are in a very busy season here at the CBC. I am traveling extensively, showing Breeders and Eggsploitation, speaking on surrogacy and egg donation, attending and speaking at conferences, and meeting with allies and supporters. Below is just a sampling of the terrific content that we are regularly posting on the CBC website. We could not do this important work without your help—thank you! Be sure to visit regularly to keep up with all the latest. Read more…

The Rich and Famous Love the Commercialization of Childbearing

March 30th, 2014 Comments off

Don’t believe me?  Check out this conference, to be held in a few days, at UCLA.

No, this image is not part of the conference advertising. I put this image in myself.

No, this image is not part of the conference advertising. I put this image in myself.

Actress Elisabeth Rohm, “Guncles” Scout And Bill Masterson, Brenda Strong, Actor Jason Patric Share Journey To Parenthood

Fertility Planit LA 2014 is the first event of its kind, helping people explore all of their options for having children and finding the right partners — April 4th and 5th, 2014 in Los Angeles, AT UCLA.

Millions of same sex couples and singles are creating families through donors, fostering, adoption, surrogacy and co-parenting. They are inspired by the 200+ experts and celebrities speaking out and sharing personal stories at Fertility Planit.

The organizers, naturally, promote the conference by promoting the celebrity speakers. But the list of topics and speakers don’t sound very child-focused to me.  The sense of adult entitlement just jumps off the page.

  • TV Producer Bryant Huddleston on becoming a Single Dad by Choice

  • Actress Elisabeth Rohm on her journey to motherhood via IVF and her book “Having the Child I Always Wanted (Just Not As Expected)”

  • Rachel Hope and Ivan Fatovic on Co-Parenting and new forms of Partnered Parenting

  • TV’s “Guncles” Bill Horn and Scout Masterson on Open Adoption and Birth Moms

  • Author/Congressional Candidate Marianne Williamson on Family Equality

  • Equality California’s Alice Kessler on Anonymous Donors

  • Comedian Alec Mapa (director of award-winning film Baby Daddy) on fostering to adopt

  • Carla Lundblade and her 12-year old son on bonding with Donor Siblings

  • Actress Brenda Strong will lead a session on the environment and its impact on our fertility, and a wellness /yoga session

  • Alice Crisci on getting pregnant with embryos she had frozen before undergoing chemotherapy

  • Model and TV Host Tomiko Fraser Hines on being pregnant with Donor Eggs

  • TV Producer Bryant Huddleston on becomng a Single Dad by Choice

  • Actress/Comedian Cocoa Brown from The Single Moms Club on being a Single Mother

  • Actor Jason Patric on Father Rights

  • Dr. Habib Sadeghi (Gwyneth Paltow’s mentor and integrative medicine doctor)  (this is the same person who coined the term “consciously uncouple,” as an alternative to divorce, for Gwyneth and her husband.)

Here at the Ruth Institute, we have been saying for some time that the next step after redefining marriage will be redefining parenthood. Notice the sponsors of this event:

Major Sponsors include: Family Equality Council;; Ferring Pharmaceuticals; California Fertility Partners; The Bump, California Cryobank, HRC Fertility, Southern California Reproductive Center, and the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center.

In other words, The Fertility Industry and the Gay Lobby.

Oddly enough, no asked Alana Newman to come and share the perspective of the Donor Conceived Person. Alana might mess up the tidy narrative, that “the kids are alright.”  Repeat as often as needed to assuage your conscience over the buying and selling of children.

Read more:



Fertility treatment pioneer calls for caution

March 17th, 2014 Comments off

by Shannon Roberts

The renowned Lord Winston of Hammersmith is in New Zealand at the moment visiting schools to educate students about infertility and the dangers of waiting too long to have children.  It’s interesting – and a little ironic – that the fertility expert, who pioneered IVF while it was still in its trial stages, is now warning that the rapid advance in reproductive technologies is making people too complacent about having children.  He argues that many such technologies are, in reality, not very effective and cannot beat nature or the ticking reproductive clock.   In fact he goes so far as to contend that it is often an immoral industry which provides a soul-destroying experience for young couples who are desperate to have a baby and are driven to do things like re-mortgage their houses to afford the hugely expensive treatment.  Read more…

Expendable mothers

March 13th, 2014 Comments off
The surrogacy industry treats women like disposable commodities.

Adelaide couple Mark and Matt, both 29, have acquired Thai-designed newborns Tate and Estelle through commercialised surrogacy overseas. According to Adelaide’s Sunday Mail, “the dual boy-girl delivery an hour apart by caesarean section to separate surrogate women for gay parents is believed to be an Australian first”. Read more…

Barcoding embryos

March 10th, 2014 Comments off
What message is being sent when you begin life as a number?
As a child in a small American town I used to visit a tobacco shop to buy my sweets. It was hot one summer’s day and the quiet man behind the counter with a thick Polish accent had rolled up his sleeves. I remember seeing a number tattooed on his inner forearm. Tattoos weren’t fashionable then and the only ones I had seen were the anchors on the bulging forearms of Popeye.

A six-digit number was an odd choice for a tattoo, but I didn’t ask him about it. I was more interested in my sweets. Read more…

When to bite the bullet and have a baby

March 6th, 2014 Comments off

Though this article is about New Zealand, doubtlessly these facts are true in the U.S. and many other places, sadly.

by Shannon Roberts

Statistics released this week show that women in New Zealand between the ages of 35 and 39 are having more babies than women aged 20 – 24 for the first time.  In fact, the average age of first time mothers in New Zealand is now one of the highest in the developed world.  The number of babies born in 2013 in New Zealand was also the lowest number since 2003, down 4% from 2012. Read more…

Dorothy, We’re Not in Kansas Any More

March 5th, 2014 Comments off

Legislative battles are heating up across the United States on the issues of surrogacy contracts and the regulation of assisted reproduction. If we are truly concerned for the welfare of women and children, we must oppose such practices. Read more…

This Year Is Off To A Blazing Fast Start

February 21st, 2014 Comments off

Good stuff from our friend Jennifer Lahl at the Center for Bioethics and Culture:

In just a month and a half we’ve released a new film (now available for online streaming) as well as a Third Party Reproduction Study Guide to accompany and complement Eggsploitation, Anonymous Father’s Day, and Breeders; I’ve been to New York, Washington, Kansas City, and Topeka; our Paul Ramsey Institute met in San Francisco for a weekend of discussion with Gilbert Meilaender and Bill Hurlbut; I’ve been interviewed by National Review Online, National Catholic Register,, and more. Read more…