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Leftist Myth: “Examples of Marriage from the Bible Prove Marriage is Evolving!” No, They Do Not

August 6th, 2012

Both genders are represented in each of these examples.

This image has been making the rounds on Facebook, in an attempt to discredit those of us who insist that removing the gender requirement is redefining marriage.

Look carefully at the image and you will see that in ALL of the examples, both genders are represented. This image reinforces the conservative position about needing a gender requirement, it does not undermine our position. And here is why: marriage has always been understood primarily as the means to bearing and raising children. Yes marriage provides companionship to the married partners, but that has never been the reason we needed marriage as a society.

I would give an attribution but I downloaded the image late in the afternoon last Friday from a “marriage equality” supporter and forgot make a notation as to which one. If this image is yours, please send me a PM on Facebook and I will provide attribution.

P.S. by using the Bible, aren’t these Leftists making a religious claim about the evolution of marriage?


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