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REI Latest Company to Take a Stand Against Biological Parenthood

August 13th, 2012

REI Stands Against You as a Biological Parent

REI is the latest corporation to take a stand against biological parenthood by supporting redefining marriage. Any company and any individual who supports redefining marriage is opposing your right as a biological parent. REI Endorses Same Sex Marriage.

SSM requires “legal parenthood” and biological parenthood must and WILL be done away with as it is accepted into law. Does your right as a biological parent come to you from God, by virtue of the child coming from your body? Or was it granted to you by the state? “Legal parenthood” says that your rights as a parent are granted by the state. Biological parenthood says your rights come from God. REI, Starbucks, Best Buy, Nike, Microsoft, Google, Proctor & Gamble… the list is quite extensive and they are all in opposition to the biological status of parents. They may or may not know this. But that is the what will happen if marriage is redefined. And they will be responsible for the resulting harms.

Regardless of the other good things these companies do, never forget they are actively opposing your rights as a biological parent. By supporting the redefinition of marriage, they are saying that biological parenthood does not matter – they are saying that your rights, which were granted to you by God, do not matter. The only thing that matters is “legal parenthood.”  The only thing that matters is that the state gets to say who counts as a parent.

Just how bad is “legal parenthood”? There are many stories we could tell, but a very current one involves Lisa A. Miller. Read our comment thread here to learn how truly awful her situation is, all due to “legal parenthood.” This hostile takeover of the definition of parenthood is a cancer and must be stopped.

We cannot hand this destructive legacy to our children, our grandchildren. Stand up and be counted as somebody who opposes SSM because of the hostile takeover of the definition of parenthood by the state. Canada has already done this to its families. We must not follow suit.

Here is a list of people and entities that oppose your rights as a biological parent, who are saying, in effect, “We believe that your rights as a parent come from the state. We are working tirelessly to strip society of this notion of ‘biological parenthood.’ The state should be the final arbiter of who counts as a parent; the notion of children coming from your body will at some point be totally insignificant to decisions we make about them and you.” They’re not saying this overtly, they’re just doing it with their actions. Same Sex Marriage Supporters at Wikipedia


Read more about Lisa Miller and her potential case for therapeutic malpractice here.

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