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After the Party: An Open Letter to Social Conservatives in San Diego and Beyond

June 10th, 2014

On June 3, 2014, Kirk Jorgenson, came in third in a run-off style primary election for the 52nd Congressional District. He obtained 17% of the vote. Jorgenson had been the favorite of the Social Conservative community in San Diego.

OK, San Diego Cultural Conservatives. Kirk Jorgenson lost his runoff race for the 52nd Congressional District.

Can we talk now?

I know you feel terrible. I saw how hard all of you worked. I know how enthused and hopeful you all were. But I was never optimistic that he would come in second and thus become eligible for the run-off election in November. Not that I have anything negative to say about Kirk himself. I love Kirk. I love his family. I love the people who worked with him and his campaign. That’s all of you.

But it is time for cultural conservatives to take a sober-minded look at California politics and our place in it. I don’t believe a guy like Kirk ever had a chance.

Warren Buffett and Charles Munger, Sr, funders of legal cases and other abortion causes

Warren Buffett and Charles Munger, Sr, funders of legal cases and other abortion causes

The Rich and Powerful of both political parties like the Sexual Revolution. They don’t mind pornography or divorce. They just aren’t all that bothered by kids without relationships with their parents. They don’t mind schools saturated with contraception. They don’t mind abortion on demand, sex education in the schools and “Bathroom Bills.”  They are against parental notification and informed consent requirements for abortions.

To take one particularly salient example from California Republican politics: Charles Munger, Jr. Charles Munger, Jr has an outsized influence on the California Republican Party, due to his wealth. He is working to “move the party to the center.”  We all know that is code for “giving up the social issues.”

Munger’s father, Charles Munger, Sr. and Warren Buffett bankrolled People v. Belous, the California Supreme Court case that overturned California’s abortion laws, back 1969. Overturning CA abortion law was one step in the process that led to Roe v Wade.

You could say that undermining social conservative values is in the Munger family DNA.

If Kirk had shown any signs of winning, the Elites in California politics would have dumped a pile of money against him in the last week of the campaign. We have seen them do this before, for example in Sherry Hodges’ race in 2012.

What about ballot initiatives? Same story; different method.  The whole Entertainment-Media Industrial Complex consolidated their forces to take our Prop 8 electoral victory away from us. Funded by Rob “Meathead” Reiner, the Hollywood Elites and the Legal Establishment took down Prop 8. And the US Supreme Court ended the initiative process for all practical purposes, by refusing to give the initiative’s proponents standing to defend Prop 8 in court. The Ruling Class can overturn any successful ballot initiative at any time, by refusing to defend it in court.


Evacuation at Dunkirk June 1940

What are we to do, my fellow Cultural Conservatives? We must face facts. The Ruling Sexual Revolutionaries, the Sexual Jacobins, hold a commanding height on the political and legal battlefield. It is time to concentrate our forces on battlefields where we have some chance of success in improving our country, our state, our families.

Here in San Diego, and across the country too, our community of religiously serious Social Conservatives has limited resources. We should not dissipate our strength on skirmishes we have no chance of winning.

In WWII, Allied troops needed to evacuate at Dunkirk, after disastrous losses in France. A few short years later, they returned, stronger than ever, and invaded Normandy.

In this great Social Civil War of our time, we need to concentrate our forces in areas that the enemy does not expect. We must go where WE have the advantage over the enemy.

The Ruth Institute has a plan.  It is a plan that does not require us to go head to head with our enemies on the political or legal battlefields. It is a plan that recruits and trains large numbers of motivated people to create a mass social movement for social change.

Think of the money, time and enthusiasm you spent on this election. And today, what do you have? You have a few bumper stickers and yard signs as souvenirs. Think of what the Ruth Institute and our other friends could have done with that money.


D-Day Storming the Beach, June 1944

When a military commander is being crushed on the field of battle, what should he do?

Lead the troops off the field in an orderly retreat, so they can live to fight again another day.

On another field.

Join the Ruth Institute on the educational and cultural battlefield.


Jennifer Roback Morse Ph.D. is founder and president of the Ruth Institute. You can get involved with the Ruth Institute by signing up for our free e-newsletter.


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