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Another student reflects on the 8th Annual Walk for Life

February 23rd, 2012

by Drewe Weymouth, UC Davis

It has often been said by older generations that the youth is the hope of the future.  If the turnout of young people that flooded City Hall for the 8th annual West coast Walk for Life is any indicator of the future, I think we have good reason to be hopeful.  The youth came out in staggering numbers, holding signs, chanting songs, making their voices heard throughout the streets of San Francisco.  In bold letters read a sign that said, “I am the Pro-Life generation.”  With such few words, that sign captured the very mentality that has revolutionized the pro-life movement.

The pro-life movement has become a youth movement.  Young people all across our nation are taking a very powerful stand in the defense of life.  Instead of joining the countless other Americans who would rather sit silently on the sidelines than touch such a polarizing issue, the youth have a determined commitment to honoring the lives lost and defending the lives that will soon fall victim to abortion.  We are being vocal, getting active and raising awareness about the injustice that has been taking place in our nation since 1973.

While Roe V. Wade was passed long before my generation was even born, it has become a very personal issue for us.  Our generation has never known a world without abortion.  We have never known an America that promotes and protects the dignity of every human being.  Over one-third of our generation is missing today because of this barbaric practice.  We feel their absence.  They would have been our friends, neighbors and classmates.  Those of us that have been given the gift of life are part of the survivor generation.  For this reason, I feel many young people have made a conscious decision to claim the pro-life message as their own.

The inspiring part of seeing so many young people at the Walk for Life is not that they sacrificed a few hours of their day to walk for the unborn, but that many of them continue their pro-life work all the other 364 days of the year.  They pass out pro-life information, sidewalk counsel outside of abortion clinics, lead pro-life clubs, go to conferences, hold rallies, raise money, and pray for the unborn.  They work peacefully and relentlessly in the defense of life.  Often chastised and persecuted by others for their so called “radical” beliefs, they remain un-phased.  I believe their resolve comes from an inner peace in knowing that they refuse to accept injustice.  They refuse to buy into the lies of the pro-choice movement that claim the lives lost were merely just a blob of tissue.

My generation is not so easily deceived.  We see the blatant lies and we are hungry to reveal the truth to others.  Each time the pro-life message is stated, the mask of the pro-choice message is unveiled.  This is our mission.  If we can expose enough people to the truth about abortion then we have full confidence that people will begin to see the beauty of life.  The tides have already begun to turn as more people are starting to identify themselves as pro-life, and this is in large part due to the efforts of our youth.

The young people of today have a vision of one day looking back on this period in our nation’s history and having all people realize the pure evil of abortion.  If the youth of our nation continue to mobilize and stand united, that day will come sooner rather than later.

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