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Message from Chuck Colson

February 8th, 2012


We must all act together NOW. What is going on today is the greatest test of religious liberty we will have faced in our life time.

If the administration does not back down, religious liberty—as clearly articulated in the Constitution and in court cases—will be gravely impaired.  And your organization, like mine, will face the question of civil disobedience. 

Please send out an email to your entire mailing list, which is what I am doing, urging them to go to the Manhattan Declaration website and sign the petition to President Obama.  (http://manhattandeclaration.org/petition/petition.aspx)

We want to get this to the President next week; we need to have one million signatures.  At the moment they’re coming in very rapidly as a result of my BreakPoint commentaries, the 2-minute warnings, and the letter we have already sent to the Manhattan Declaration general signers list.

I’ve never felt such a compelling call.  This could revive the church; but if our efforts fail, we will be living in a much different country.  We cannot afford to fail.  Please act as quickly as you can.

Chuck Colson

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