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Obamacare’s hidden marriage penalty

June 6th, 2014 Comments off


The News Story – The hidden marriage penalty in Obamacare

While intending to provide universal healthcare coverage to all Americans, Obamacare may have unexpected penalties, making it harder for some to obtain health insurance. In particular, married couples at the middle and lower end of the income scale might have to pay more than their unmarried counterparts, when it comes to purchasing health insurance. Read more…

‘Marriage penalty’ buried in healthcare bills

December 14th, 2009 Comments off

Scary! Thanks for pointing this craziness out, Mr. Quist.

Jim Brown – OneNewsNow

A Republican candidate for Congress in Minnesota says “a huge marriage penalty for the American middle class” is hidden in both the House and Senate healthcare bills.

Former Minnesota state legislator Allen Quist points out that two single people each making $30,000 per year would pay $1,320 combined for private health insurance if the Pelosi House bill was in effect now. However, if the two individuals were to marry, they would pay a combined cost of $12,000 a year for the same level of insurance under the Pelosi bill. Read more…