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Scott Hahn Coming to San Diego

December 10th, 2011 Comments off
“Breaking the Bread:
A Fresh Approach to the
New Testament and the Eucharist”
Dr Scott Hahn

Exceptionally popular Catholic speaker, author, and internationally renowned biblical scholar and theologian is visiting San Diego. Read more…

Catholic Radio at ITAF!

July 19th, 2011 Comments off

We have just confirmed that Catholic Radio of San Diego will be broadcasting live from the opening event of our ITAF conference. We are very excited about this development. Live broadcasts make the event more fun, and they make for good radio. The host that evening will be Hugh Largey. We expect that I will do a short interview, at least one of our faculty will do an interview, and probably some of our student activists. So come on down to Point Loma, or tune in to Catholic Radio of San Diego, 1000 AM KCEO.

Andy Crouch, IVF in Germany, and Phyllis Schlafly

June 2nd, 2011 1 comment

There are several new things up on the podcast page (and more to come).  Recent additions include:

On the latest issue (May 16) of her radio show, “From the Front Lines of the Culture War,” Dr J interviewed Andy Crouch, author of “Culture Making: Recovering our Creative Calling.”  He’s focused on the things we’re creating and upholding; the “you’re just against this” charge sounds more ridiculous than ever.  (Check out for more information on the show.)

On May 18, Dr J and Todd Wilken met on Issues, Etc to discuss Germany’s recent decision to subsidize in vitro fertilization in order to stimulate their birthrate.

There’s also an interview given by Dr J to Phyllis Schlafly on Eagle Forum Live, where they discussed non-religious reasons to support traditional marriage and took comments and questions.

Recent Podcasts

May 11th, 2011 Comments off

Dr J’s most recent episode of “From the Front Lines of the Culture War” is now up for your listening pleasure.  In it, she interviews Bill Duncan, attorney and president of the Marriage Law Foundation, on a wide range of topics.  Their discussion includes Prop 8, DoMA, de facto parenting, and more.  Check out for more information on the show.

We also have her interview on Issues, Etc, split into two topical parts.  The first deals with the propensity of the Baby Boom generation to solve marital problems–large and small–preferentially with divorce.  The second–graphically–explains what passed for an extra-curricular sex ed seminar at Texas A&M and how it’s related to the widespread use of pornography.

New Podcasts!

April 20th, 2011 Comments off

Dr J has some new projects going on–check out what she’s been up to in April so far.  There’s more to come, but for now, we’ve got the audio of her new radio program in San Diego, her talk at Wheaton College, “Same Sex Marriage Affects Everyone,” and the latest Issues, Etc interview concerning internet availability of prescription abortion medication.