Why Sandra Fluke is a household name and wait, who is that other lady?

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In a recent article, Holly Griggs Spall observes that women on the Pill have many potential problems to deal with, including health concerns, problems with relationships, psychological side-effects and more. She complains that a lack of feminism is the problem.

Why is it that we hear most about the side effects of the pill that directly impact men? It could be because science lacks

"The Pill is the greatest thing since sliced bread: move along,now, nothing to see here...."

The Pill is the greatest thing since sliced bread: move along,now, nothing to see here….

feminism. … In science, as in – one might say grandiosely – life, female hormones are seen as a hindrance.

Who the heck is Holly Griggs Spall, you might ask, and why am I only hearing about her just now?

Before I answer that, I would like to suggest a different answer to the question she poses. While I agree that society generally does see female hormones as a hindrance, I don’t believe women need more “feminism.”

What women really need is to contest the current understanding of “feminism.” In principle, “feminism” could mean any set of ideas and policies that promote the betterment and interests of women.  A “feminist” could be anyone who advocates or works for the improvement in the lives of women.

Such an understanding of feminism is broad enough to include all kinds of people, male or female. It could include men or women who Read more…

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Thinking Strategically and Faithfully, about the Pope

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I have received many responses to my somewhat tongue in cheek article last week, “Mom’s Home,” imploring my fellow Conservative Catholics to stop disrespecting the Pope. The responses were all over the map. I thought it would be well to offer a window into my strategic thinking. This post should help you understand what I’m trying to do. Although I am largely speaking with my fellow Catholics, the proper response to Pope Francis concerns everyone who cares about the future of marriage and family.

Pope Francis w Cardinal Muller, who organized the recent Humanum Colloquium on Complementarity of Men and Women

Pope Francis w Cardinal Muller, who organized the recent Humanum Colloquium on Complementarity of Men and Women

Let us begin with what we know, and reason from there to what tactics make sense.

What we know about the Catholic Church:

  • The office of the Papacy is bigger than any man who occupies it.
  • The Pope will not change the doctrine: he does not have the authority to change doctrine.
  • However, he can change the practices surrounding the implementation or promulgation of the doctrine on marriage, divorce and the family that serve it more or less well.
  • The Pope can err on prudential matters, and frequently does. For instance, the track record of Vatican diplomacy over the centuries is not particularly stellar.

What we know about this particular pope:

  • The Pope knows he does not have the authority to change Catholic doctrine.
  • He is charming and exuberant and spontaneous. Many people love him and find him attractive.
  • He loves Jesus and hates the devil.
  • He is not executing his teaching office regarding marriage as well as the world needs him to, and certainly not as well as his remarkable predecessors. If the students are confused, the teacher is not performing well.
  • He has left room for interpretation on some points, and has not clarified some issues.
  • We do not know what he is thinking or planning by this lack of clarity. He may have some wise hidden plan. He may have some nefarious hidden plan. He may just be careless. The fact is, we do not know.

What we know about the advocates of the Sexual Revolution: Read more…

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Tip #51 from 101 Tips for a Happier Marriage

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Remove your self-esteem from the argument. You have a choice about how to handle not getting what you want. If your self-esteem depends on always being right, your self-esteem will always be fragile.

Base your self-worth on the knowledge that you are beloved by God. Don’t let a momentary exchange define who you are and how much you like yourself.

Get a copy of 101 Tips for a Happier Marriage for yourself and those you love. Click here to have it personalized and autographed by both authors.

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My prediction about the Vatican’s “Humanum” conference

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According to the Catholic News Agency, “the Vatican is hosting a colloquium seeking to find ‘new and creative language to speak to people where they are.’ This is according to Helen Alvaré, professor of law at George Mason University, and communications liaison for the Humanum Colloquium, which will run from Nov. 17­-19 at the Vatican.”

Helen Alvare, communications Liaison for the Humanum Colloquium

Helen Alvare, communications Liaison for the Humanum Colloquium

I have a couple of predictions about this event. My predictions are based on the full title of the event, as well as my knowledge of the participants.

The full title of the event is: “An International Interreligious Colloquium on The Complementarity of Man and Woman.” Sexual complementarity is not a topic that marriage re-definers call attention to. Ever.

Here is my take on the participants:

  1. Helen Alvare, the communications liaison referenced above, is simply an outstanding spokeswomen for the authentically Catholic view of marriage, family and human sexuality.
  1. I am acquainted with many of the speakers. The line-up includes pro-marriage faith leaders from across the religious spectrum.

One of them, Ignacio Ibarzábal, is the Executive Director of Grupo Sólido, an Argentine pro-marriage organization founded by young adults. A number of their members have attended Ruth Institute events over the years. I have the highest respect for Ignacio and his group. Read more…

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Kids say the funniest things

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My four-year-old daughter was so excited that I put bubbles in the bathtub she said, “I’m so happy I could just scream like a little girl!” Thank you for saying so rather than doing so.

Another time she asked my husband, “Dad, did Jesus make your hair very small?” She’d never seen him getting a hair cut, nor seemed to notice every time it was shorter, so it seemed a valid question.

My seven-year-old daughter was making mistakes with her math worksheet. She wasn’t paying attention to whether or not it was an addition or subtraction problem, as it kept changing on her. I said, “Pay attention to the symbol. The symbol is key.”

She responded in a flowy voice: Read more…

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Seven Steps to Sexual Peace

November 13th, 2014 Comments off

“The Seven Steps to S*xual Peace manual for healing is the fruit of many discussions over the course of many years with many people on all sides of the marriage debates. Whether you have been a victim of the S*xual Revolution or an active participant, or whether you have been watching on the sidelines as your loved ones suffer, the Seven Steps to S*xual Peace program has the capacity to change your life.” ~Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D.

Many of us come with baggage these days. There’s no need to let it define you or weigh you down. In fact, you can overcome your past weaknesses completely, finding forgiveness and peace along the way. Allow Dr. Morse to help you with this handy Manual for Healing for only $10.

Get a copy of The Seven Steps to S*xual Peace for yourself and those you love, and begin your journey today.

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New Podcast!

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Head on over to iTunes or LibSyn to check out Ruth’s newest audio, The Gay Agenda in the Media, where Dr. J and Drew Mariani are discussing the ways homosexual activity is becoming more mainstream in television commercials and programming. (This is a rebroadcast of her interview yesterday on the The Drew Mariani Show.)

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Mom’s home: A word to Conservative Critics of Pope Francis

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For purposes of this article, I set aside my Ph.D. degree: I am speaking strictly on the authority of my MOM degree.

Archbishop Kurtz' contribution to the working group was wonderful! Did you read it?

Archbishop Kurtz’ contribution to the working group was wonderful! Did you read it?

Ok, everyone. I realize I have been out of the loop for a while. I have been trying to finish a book. And I had an unexpected family emergency to deal with.

But Mom’s home now. Time to shape up.

What have you kids been doing, talking about your Father like this? Just today on my Facebook feed, I found someone referring our Holy Father Pope Francis as a “world class smart ass!”  And this person evidently considers himself a good Catholic! A better Catholic than the Pope!

Some of you are hysterical over the Synod, as though the Holy Father were plotting to change Church doctrine. Haven’t you seen this report from the National Catholic Register? The four American bishops said at their press conference, “There must have been two synods, and the four of us must have happened to be at the wrong one.”

I don’t know what in the world you kids are thinking. You certainly realize that the Holy Father has no authority to change Church doctrine. And he knows it.

Some of you are upset because all the wrong people seem to like the Holy Father. I realize there is a battle to capture the symbolic value of the Papacy. The “Progressives” who want the whole Sexual Revolution, would love to claim the moral authority of the Papacy and the Catholic Church for their team. But do you realize that every time you repeat the liberal media talking points like this, you are scoring for the “Progressive” team? Read more…

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Seventy-Seven Non-Religious Reasons to Support Man/Woman Marriage

November 10th, 2014 Comments off

Do you support natural marriage, but don’t know how to explain why, especially without reaching for a Bible?

Let us make it easier for you! Read 77 Non-Religious Reasons to Support Man/Woman Marriage and/or simply have several copies on hand to give to people when the topic comes up.

For example: Reason 67 says, “Same s*x marriage separates children from at least one of their parents, not due to extraordinary circumstances, as arise in adoption, but as a routine procedure.”

This is a 10-panel, accordion-folded pamphlet. It’s easy to read and easy to mail to a friend in a standard-sized long envelope.

It is offered both as a paper pamphlet for $2.50 and as a digital “read only” download for only $1. You can find it here.

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What 101 Tips for a Happier Marriage can do for you

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“At last! A good and reliable guide to what it takes to make a marriage work and make it last a lifetime. The authors show us that a successful marriage is more about being good than feeling good. Being a good spouse is about being a good person.

Virtue is the key to a happy marriage as it is the key to a happy life. If love is about laying down our life for our friends, marriage is about laying down our life for our best friend. This little gem of a book should be read by every married couple and by those planning to get married.”

~Joseph Pearce, author of The Quest for Shakespeare

Find 101 Tips for a Happier Marriage here. Get a personalized, autographed copy for yourself or a friend here.

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