Gender gaps in college linked to divorce rates

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The News Story – How Dad’s involvement can address the gender gap in higher education

While research has told us that the prevalence of divorce in our society can account for the gender gap within higher education, a recent article in The Huffington Post sheds more light on what the exact causal relation might be. It may not just be the possibility of divorce, itself, that has such an impact on both female and male adolescents, but rather the lack of father involvement in the lives of male children. Read more…

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Greater mental health risks for IVF babies

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The News Story – IVF babies face greater risk of mental illness

While IVF has helped more than 5,000,000 babies to be born, it is not without risks and complications for both the baby and mother. A recent study has shown that babies born from IVF have an increased risk of developing psychiatric disorders, such as autism and schizophrenia, both in childhood and adulthood. Read more…

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Best kid quote of the day

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The girls are arguing over who gets to sit where in the bathtub. My oldest announced, “I always sit there for certain reasons that are needed in life!”


I couldn’t help but laugh, and she looked at me like, “What did I say?”

I would have asked her to elaborate, but I had to quickly run off and type this in. And to tell my husband, so we could enjoy the chuckle together.

Read more funny parenting moments here.

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A sticky situation

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Here’s an article that raises questions about invitro fertilization that I had not even (forgive me) conceived of! The crazy possibilities of what people can do to get what they want regardless of the feelings of the children being created are seemingly endless.

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IVF. Do you think it should be used for anything other than infertility? To fall pregnant after a husband’s death, for example, using his frozen sperm? Read more…

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Going on a date for extra credit

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This is the state of things now. Young adults need classes, instruction, and added motivation just to date. Very sad.

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The News Story – Would you ask a peer out for extra credit? School offers dating classes

Recent research has shown that our current “hook-up” culture has proved unsatisfying, in particular for women. Given this, some colleges have begun to reintroduce and reemphasize the possibility of dating and committed relationships. Read more…

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Debunking the “right side of history” claim

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interracial marriage banIf you’re debating marriage with somebody and they bring up the interracial marriage ban (which was struck down by SCOTUS in a famous decision called Loving v. Virginia), show them this graphic and start talking about what the interracial marriage ban actually DID. 

The interracial marriage ban enforced the separation of men from women, based on race. It used marriage policy to keep the sexes away from each other, in certain instances.

Same sex marriage is doing something similar. It does not enforce a separation, but it does endorse  and foster a separation of men from women, based on sexual orientation. It is using marriage policy to encourage the sexes to separate from each other, in certain instances.

Same sex marriage supporters claim to be “on the right side of history.” But as Loving v. Virginia shows us, history did NOT side with those who were using marriage policy in order to separate the sexes from each other. Remind your debate opponent of this fact.

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Get a Personalized Copy of our Latest Book!

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Regarding 101 Tips for a Happier Marriage

“As someone who, through the grace of God and a lot of hard work, was able to rebuild a marriage, I can say that this book offers so much to couples who may be struggling. First and foremost, it helps husbands and wives understand the true definition of marriage as God ordained it. Second, it is filled with practical and very doable action items for everyday people with busy lives. If couples truly make an effort to apply the advice in 101 Tips for a Happier Marriage, their relationship–not only with their spouse but also with the Lord–will be the best it can be.” –Teresa Tomeo, Host of Catholic Connection

Order a special autographed copy for your loved ones here!

P.S. Autographed copies are available for non-newlyweds too!

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World Health Organization: The Pill causes cancer in humans

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My doctor won’t give me Hormone Replacement Therapy to help relieve my menopause symptoms. He says those hormones are associated with increased health risks. Yet, if I were 40 years younger and asked the doctor for oral contraception, he would prescribe it in a snap.  Even though hormone replacement therapy and oral contraceptives consist of similar hormones with similar risks for cancer and other illnesses.

The World Health Organization has classified oral contraceptives as Group 1 carcinogens since at least 2005.   However, they issued a public statement, attempting to reassure the public:

Read more…

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A happy marriage is better than a messy divorce.

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Accolades for 101 Tips for a Happier Marriage

“How can something as wide and complex as marital conflict be addressed by a book so slender and simple? Our culture stresses the wedding day and forgets the married life–until the wheels start coming off and then it’s often too late. But there is hope. This wise and practical book is not only for couples who want to make their good marriages great, but even better for couples who, for their own unique and pain-drenched reasons, find themselves tempted to give up on the dream. To Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse and Betsy Kerekes go the laurels for this much-needed manual for strengthening men and women for what G.K. Chesterton called the ‘duel to the death which no man of honor should decline.’” –Patrick Coffin, Host of Catholic Answers Live 

Pick up a copy here.

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The inequality of “marriage equality”

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the inequality of marriage equalityNote: since “equality” is paramount for “marriage equality” supporters, next time you are discussing the marriage issue with them, point out their unequal arguments and also how “marriage equality” is contributing to children’s inequality. See what their response is.

“Marriage equality” relies on unequal arguments. When it comes to “rights,” “marriage equality” supporters make arguments based on gay rights, but they refuse to accept arguments based on children’s rights. When it comes to “outcomes,” they refuse to argue about the outcomes of gay sexual activity, but will argue about the various studies regarding children’s outcomes under various family structures. Not only do they argue unequally, “marriage equality” is contributing to children being treated unequally under the law. Read more…

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