Take Heart! The Church is Still Catholic! Cardinal Pell explains it all!

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Take heart from this video interview with Cardinal Pell of Australia.  These 5 minutes will lower your blood-pressure if you are a supporter of the ancient Christian teachings on marriage, family and human sexuality.  Cardinal Pell is reacting to the “relatio post disceptationem” published midway through the Synod, the unofficial document touted by the media as some kind of sea change in Catholic teaching. He states at the beginning, “The Synod Fathers decided unanimously to publish the summaries of the various working groups,” because they believed the “relatio” was “tendentious” and “skewed.” The Synod Fathers wanted Catholics around the world to realize that there is no radical sea change in Catholic teaching.

According to Cardinal Pell, “We are not collapsing in a heap. We have no intention of following the radical elements in all the Christian churches and … going out of business.”

Listen to it all.  You can read the original “relatio” that started all this here.  You can read the documents of the working groups here.

H/T Father Z’s blog. 



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October 8, 2014
The Most Reverend Joseph E. Kurtz
Archbishop of Louisville, Kentucky

Your Excellency,
Please consider the attached petition during the deliberations of the Synod on the Family. We are 1,700 individuals from across the United States and around the world. We come from diverse theological perspectives: we are Catholics, Protestants of many denominations, Latter Day Saints, Jews, and people of no faith at all. We are united in our appreciation of the Roman Catholic Church for its clarity about the great moral issues of our time.
We have no particular proposals to suggest. We only ask that the Synod Fathers remember the Victims of the Sexual Revolution. Whatever you decide to do, please, remember the millions of people who have been harmed by NOT following Catholic teaching.
We affirm: The ancient teaching of the Church has been right all along.

Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D.
Founder and President,
The Ruth Institute
San Marcos, California, USA

PS: The bulk of the signatures were gathered at this site on-line: https://actright.com/petitions.php/56

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George Weigel: a good article and missed opportunity

October 14th, 2014 Comments off

George Weigel has a good article on the Synod on NRO today. He correctly states that the Church will not change her teachings on marriage, the family and human sexuality.  However, he misses an opportunity in this paragraph.

What the Catholic Church believes about the ethics of human love and about marriage is not a matter of “attitudes.” It’s a matter of truths. Many of those truths can be demonstrated by reason, if people are willing to work through a reasonable argument. Some of those truths, especially those pertaining to the permanence of marriage, come from the Church’s Lord Himself. (Emphasis mine)

He makes it sound as if the problem is that people just won’t listen to a reasoned argument.  I’m not suggesting that we abandon reason. But we have been reasoning ourselves to death and no one is listening.  If this debate could be solved through reason alone, we would have won a long time ago.

A more fruitful approach, I suggest, is to note the fact that millions of people have been harmed by the Sexual Revolution.  Children of George WeigelDivorce, Reluctantly Divorced Spouses, Heartbroken Career Women, who have good educations and jobs, but fewer children than they wanted, and many other groups of people, have all been taken in by the false promises of the Sexual Revolution.

  • “The kids will be fine as long as their parents are happy.  Kids are resilient after all.”
  • “Divorce is always mutual. Everyone is better off after a divorce.”
  • “Successful, educated women can “have it all,” including complete control over their fertility for their entire lifetimes.”

Rather than trying to “work through a reasonable argument,” why not reach out to these wounded men, women Read more…

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Tip #42 from 101 Tips for a Happier Marriage

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Give the relationship time for reciprocity to develop. People are unable to give much for a variety of reasons. Sometimes one person is sick or preoccupied. These times pass.

All things, relationships included, ebb and flow with the tides. You can’t be perfect and fully on top of your game at all times, and neither can your spouse. Recognize that. Do what you can, and hope that your efforts will bear fruit.

Want more marriage tips? Click here for a standard copy, and here for a personalized, autographed copy by both authors.

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Dad is Fat

October 10th, 2014 Comments off

This is the title of a book I’m reading by comedian Jim Gaffigan. It’s pretty funny. I recommend it for all you parents out there. Lots to relate to. For me it’s him talking about how pale he and his children are. I totally get that. He even graced his book with a picture of himself in his swim shirt. I get that too.

My four-year-old has a full-body swimsuit. It’s actually called a rash guard–what surfers wear to avoid getting a rash from contact with their board. Why they make these in size 4 I’ll never understand. I can’t exactly picture my little girl hanging 10. Read more…

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Dr Morse quoted on LifeSite News

October 9th, 2014 Comments off

In an article on the Republican mega-donor Paul Singer and his attempts to steer the GOP away from the social issues, I am quoted thus:

Dr. Jennifer Morse, who founded the Ruth Institute, agreed that if the Republican Party changes its formal views on marriage, “the millions of ordinary people of all ages, races, and religions who value marriage as a pro-child institution will be politically homeless.”

The Ultimate Argument: we have money and you don't.

The Ultimate Argument: we have money and you don’t.

“Resistance to the Sexual Revolution has always been lackluster and half-hearted among the top donors of both political parties,” Morse said. “I fear that [Singer's] money will be the one and only deciding argument and that the GOP will align itself with the rich and powerful on this issue.”

You can pretty much guess what the thrust of the story was: Mr. Big Money Bags creates secret strategy meeting with the Gay Lobby to plan how to spend His Money to advance Their Agenda. Discussion of impact of said agenda on Ordinary People: not so much.

Read the whole sickening article here.

If you are fed up with being taken for granted by the Elites of both political parties, join our crusade to Inspire the Survivors of the Sexual Revolution. Consider becoming a monthly supporter of the Ruth Institute. 


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It is not their fault: why I am not angry at the lesbians suing the sperm bank

October 9th, 2014 Comments off

One only has to look through a few comments on websites, Left or Right, to see that the lesbian lawsuit for breach of warranty and wrongful birth over a mixed race baby has struck a very negative chord.  Decent people, Right and Left, feel all wrong about a mother suing the sperm bank because she didn’t get the child she ordered.

I certainly agree that it is all wrong.  I just want to put the blame squarely where it belongs. Not on the sperm bank for “medical malpractice.”  Not on the lesbian mother for saying, “I’m not going to let them get away with not being held accountable.”

They love the baby: who wouldn't love this little sweetheart?

They love the baby: who wouldn’t love this little sweetheart?

No, I place the blame on the Elites who have imagined, sustained and defended the Sexual Revolutionary ideology.  This ideology is indefensible, unsustainable and is causing unimaginable misery.

The mother, Jennifer Cramblett, is just the latest in a long string of ordinary people who have built their lives around lies. Fantasy ideologies may look good on paper or in a legal brief. But when a real person tries to build her life around ideas that are untrue, that real person can run into real problems.

Ms. Cramblett is not a celebrity lesbian.  She does not have a law degree or work for a prestigious activist organization or have a TV show. She works at an ATT store. I do not see any of the Establishment Gay Legal organizations hovering around her case. (I’m guessing they Read more…

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A Modest Proposal to Regulate Sperm Banks

October 9th, 2014 Comments off

I suppose you have heard the dismay over the lesbian couple who ordered a white baby from a sperm bank and got a black baby.  They are suing the sperm bank for “Wrongful birth and breach of warranty.” Not surprising: it is after all, a commercial transaction.  Suing the business is what dissatisfied customers do. The plaintiff, Jennifer Cramblett, says that she wants to make sure the offending business establishment is held accountable and that no other family endures the same lapse in customer service that she did.

In-Person Sperm Delivery probably would have slowed down Vince Vaughn's character from fathering 535 kids....

In-Person Sperm Delivery probably would have slowed down Vince Vaughn’s character from fathering 535 kids….

So I have a modest proposal for regulating the sperm bank industry. My proposal will address the problem at the front end, making such mistakes less likely, instead of addressing it at the back end, with a law suit after damaged goods have been delivered.

Are you ready for my modest proposal?

I propose that sperm donors be required to deliver the product in person.

Yes, in person. Read more…

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PROPOSAL: gender-based civil unions

October 7th, 2014 Comments off

Proposal from the Ruth Institute:

Gender-Based Civil Unions

Since an essential public purpose of civil marriage in the United States has been to attach mothers and fathers to their children and to one another, and since this essential purpose is being overwritten and therefore discarded due to gender neutral marriage and parenting laws, we propose the following:

To establish civil unions that are gender based–one man and one woman. With respect to taxation, parentage, federal benefits, etc. (reference), they will be legally equivalent to (now gender neutral) marriage in everything but the name. The legal doctrine that was formerly known as the marital presumption of paternity, which existed in order to attach the father to the family, was distorted into the marital presumption of parentage under gender neutral marriage and parentage. It shall be restored to its former function of attaching the father to the family for these civil unions. Gender based terms shall be used to describe the parties, such as male, female, mother, father, etc.

Male/female couples who were previously considered married under the gender neutral system may opt into a gender-based civil union. Churches who uphold marriage as the union between a man and a woman can perform these ceremonies under whatever name they wish. If they wish to call it marriage, they can do so. There will be no speech restrictions regarding what individuals, churches, or other private entities call these unions. However, with respect to the legal code, they will be called civil unions.

Regarding divorce: generally, we prefer the state to have a higher bar to overcome before getting involved in a divorce for these civil unions than it does currently for civil marriage. Michael J. McManus, in the Spring 2011 edition of The Family in America (reference), proposes what he calls “Three Achievable No-Fault Reforms.” They are:

  1. Mutual Consent.
  2. Parental Divorce Reduction Act.
  3. Responsible Spouse/Fit Parent.

We are open to discussion about any of these or other reasonable proposals. Our primary goals are to reaffirm sex differences in the legal code and to reaffirm the father’s attachment to the family. Secondarily, we see these civil unions as an opportunity to make long-needed reforms to divorce laws.

If you like this idea, we encourage you to share this post with your friends. You can also support our work by making a donation today. Donate safely via Paypal.

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Ruth Institute reacts to Supreme Court with Sorrow, but not Surprise

October 6th, 2014 Comments off

The Ruth Institute expresses sorrow but not surprise, at the Supreme Court’s decision to allow challenges to natural marriage to stand.

And thanks allies who labored to defend marriage.

Press Release from the Ruth Institute

October 6, 2014 San Marcos CA—The Ruth Institute expresses its sorrow but not surprise, at the Supreme Court’s decision to allow challenges to natural marriage to stand. President Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse stated, “Here at the Ruth Institute, we have known for some time that the Elites of this society have both the desire and the power to create genderless marriage, so-called gay marriage.  By refusing to hear the legal challenges to the courts that have overturned state marriage laws, the judicial Elites have taken another step toward gutting the institution of marriage. ”

Dr Morse predicted that this will not be the last step in the campaign to redefine and reshape the family, using the power of the government.  “Redefining marriage redefines parenthood. Governments have already begun rewriting birth certificates and marriage licenses. Children can now have three legal parents. The government will no longer be constrained by biology in its determination of parental rights and responsibilities. How this will amount to more freedom or equality for anyone, I cannot imagine.” Read more…

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