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Why you shouldn’t take alarmist population predictions seriously

April 9th, 2014 Comments off

by Shannon Roberts

Population control ideology stands in stark contrast to the reality of a withering Russia

February 14th, 2014 Comments off

By Anne Morse

This article was first published February 6, 2014 at

Reports of terrorist threats, human rights abuses, and general economic incompetency have already marred the opening of the 2014 winter Olympics. These failings in Russia represent the face of the greatest myth propagated this past half-century: that low-fertility creates a successful society.  Read more…

More governments are worried about fertility rates

January 18th, 2014 Comments off

by Shannon Roberts

A recent United Nations fertility report collates some interesting statistics about the fertility of the world as a whole.  Put simply, – and no surprises here – it finds that the developed world is not reproducing at the rate necessary to ensure the replacement of generations.   Read more…

One child changes: No effect?

December 26th, 2013 Comments off

by Marcus Roberts

A few weeks ago we mentioned the news that China was relaxing its despicably evil One Child Policy. Understandably perhaps, the only response to that post was scepticism that we should take anything that the Chinese Government says at face value. To add a large pinch of salt to anything announced by the Chinese Government is certainly a prudent thing to do, but the fact that it acknowledged publically that a bedrock piece of social engineering was no longer desirable is surely worthy of mention and comment. Read more…

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Can China and Japan reverse their birth decline?

December 2nd, 2013 Comments off
by Dermot Grenham

In the Asian fertility video posted a few days ago on MercatorNet, the dramatic decline in birth rates in Asian countries was dramatically demonstrated through some very smart graphics. But leaving aside the fancy artwork the fundamental question remains about what these declines in birth rate presage and what if anything could be done to increase them. Read more…

Asian fertility video

November 25th, 2013 Comments off
Watch it here.

Here is a short video from the Economist on the unprecedented fall on fertility rates in Asia.  It’s entertaining as its all done via infographics. You can see just how fast the fertility rates in various countries in Asia have fallen. As I’ve said before, I don’t think we know what happens when a country’s fertility rate falls so quickly. Or what happens when a country falls below the replacement rate of 2.1 for a sustained period. Can countries raise their fertility rates or does the cultural norm of having fewer than two children become ingrained and incredibly hard to overcome? And what does it say about cultures that stop replacing themselves? Does it suggest a profound unease in the future and a lack of confidence? Does it suggest that some countries don’t think their culture is worth preserving and handing over to a new generation? Questions, questions…

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5 population stories you don’t usually hear…

November 25th, 2013 Comments off

by Marcus Roberts

One of our main arguments over the last few years on this blog has been that the overpopulation disaster story that is peddled in the media and inhabits the collective societal consciousness is a bit out of date. Instead, we have been highlighting the fact that many countries throughout the world are suffering the opposite problem: a sustained drop in births leading to a contracting, ageing population.  These countries must either prop up by their working age populations through widespread immigration (leading to serious societal issues relating to cultural integration and conflict) or rethink their social security schemes that essentially rely on a continually growing population base (much like Ponzi schemes).   Read more…

China to ease 1-child policy, abolish labor camps

November 16th, 2013 Comments off

BEIJING (November 15, 2013) – China will loosen family planning rules that limit many couples to a single child in the first substantial change to the unpopular policy in nearly three decades, as leaders seek to address a rapidly aging population. Read more…

South Korean women say no to babies

November 13th, 2013 Comments off

by Shannon Roberts

Despite enticing incentives from the government, South Korean women struggle with the choice to leave their careers to raise children.  The modern South Korean woman is ambitious.  She has worked hard for her career and is hesitant to give it up.  Although it is probably what her mother did as her sole occupation, for some being at home now seems mundane in comparison to the many goals and promises that a career provides. Read more…

No such thing as “population explosion”

September 30th, 2013 Comments off

by Marcus Roberts

Just to stir last week’s debate re “population explosion” some more, how about we have a look at the views of Robert Newman writing in the Guardian. His claim is that there is no population explosion and that any problems about the scarcity of resources are because of politics and not because of too many people. (Even the Guardian is seeing the light!) Read more…