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ITAF 2012 grad announces VEEP candidacy!!

July 22nd, 2012 Comments off

Ok, so I am slightly biased.  This is my daughter. But, in my defense: 1. she attended ITAF2010 2. she makes valid points about the anxiety of social conservatives about the Romney ticket and 3. this is pretty darn funny.


Veep Watch

By Anne Morse

The rumors swirl around who Mitt Romney’s potential VP pick. The news and blogosphere exploded the other week with whispers that Condoleeza Rice will be picked. Many liked Rice as an option because she  would squash the empty race arguments that distract from real policy questions. Others disliked her as a nominee, because although she would balance the ticket on with both race and gender, she would continue to skew the ticket away from social conservatives.

I personally liked the idea of her running because then us frugal conservatives could continue to eat Rice-a-Roni and name it Rice-a-Romney in solidarity, as we tighten our belts with Obama’s economy. Read more…

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