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Sexual liberty v. real liberty

April 2nd, 2015

Look at this screenshot I took last night:

sexual liberty is more google results 20150401







I was searching for a particular quote. A while back, somebody on the Left said that sexual liberty is more important than religious liberty and I wanted to find the exact quote. Went Google and started typing ‘sexual liberty is more…’ The screenshot is what Google showed me. Google created this list based on real searches by real people–it is not a fictional list. Real people are actually typing these statements into Google looking for similar results. (I eventually found the original quote¬†here.)

I showed this screenshot to Dr. Morse and this is what she had this to say about it:

“These are the statements of an addict.”

Wow, how true. Anybody who has been around an addict knows that they will sacrifice anything and everything for their addiction… children, family, law, security, equality, life.

How will we respond as our culture and legal system elevate ‘sexual liberty’ above every other liberty?

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