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It’s good to entertain the working man

November 1st, 2013

One of my children’s favorite past-times is watching the garbage men pick up our trash. As it seems harmless enough, I let them sit on the front lawn and wait in eager anticipation for the big truck to arrive in front of our house while I keep an eye out from the living room window.

One particular day, the garbage man was more jovial to my children than usual. Instead of just a smile and a wave, the man laughed, pointed, and said something to them that I couldn’t hear. I quickly went outside to see what the added attention could be due to. As the truck drove off to the next house I discovered that my three-year-old daughter had somehow claimed an empty beer bottle from our recycling and was holding it to her mouth, pretending to drink from it.

Now every day I wait with an ear toward the road for when the Child Protective Services will arrive.

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Becky, mother of 4

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