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Thanks and a Video on the HHS Mandate

April 4th, 2012

from Helen Alvare

THANKS to all those who read our letter at religious freedom rallies March 23! We got beautiful feedback from those efforts. And thanks to all who have been turning the letter into, newspaper advertisements, letters to the editor, and parish bulletin inserts.

Keeping this alive at the local level is KEY, and these efforts really help.

Second, for those interested in hearing an account of the legal and practical flaws with the contraceptives and early abortion mandate, here is an 11 minute video of me speaking at a Georgetown University religious freedom debate two weeks ago. It will give you the shape of the argument against the mandate along with facts and figures you can use in letters and conversations with media or your federal representatives.

Third, next week, I will send an email updating you on where we stand legally and politically.

Please let me know if there is further help I can provide you to make our case!! My continued very best to you,
Helen Alvare

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