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Maryland catering to cross-dressers

January 17th, 2012

by Charlie Butts

Council members in Baltimore are introducing a “Peeping Tom” ordinance that reportedly creates “serious safety issues for women.”

Baltimore County is considering a “gender identity anti-discrimination bill” that would allow cross-dressers or gender-confused individuals to use bathroom and shower facilities of the opposite sex. Council member Tom Quirk’s Human Relations Bill 3-12 would legally protect cross-dressing, says Dr. Ruth Jacobs of Maryland Citizens for a Responsible Government (CRG).

“It opens up the bathrooms to men who may be just cross-dressers, who may be a pedophile who uses the law to nefarious advantage,” Dr. Jacobs explains. “It’s a very dangerous bill.”

womens dressing room The measure would allow a man wearing female attire to use public women’s facilities — dressing rooms in clothing stores, for example — even if he is attracted to women. Since another nearby county, Montgomery County, passed the ordinance, many women and children are now fearful of using such facilities.

“In this law, you’re afraid to complain because [you think] Oh my goodness — maybe I’ll be considered a bigot. But, of course it could be somebody who’s trying to rape me,” the CRG president notes. “And in Montgomery County, since they’ve passed the bill, they’ve had four rapes in women’s bathrooms. So it really demonstrates how dangerous a bathroom can be.”

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