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Study: Men who buy sex commit more crimes

July 26th, 2011

This doesn’t surprise me:

BOSTON (Reuters) – Men who pay for sex are more likely than men who do not pay for sex to commit a variety of offenses including violent crimes against women, according to research conducted in the Boston area.

The study, released this week, was based on interviews with 202 men conducted by the nonprofit group Prostitution Research and Education and was led by Melissa Farley, a clinical psychologist and anti-prostitution activist.

Buyers and non-buyers of commercial sex from the Boston area were paired by age, education and ethnicity to compare their perceptions of women after voluntarily joining the study. About half the men paid for sex and the other half did not.

Men who paid for sex were more likely to report having committed felonies and misdemeanors, including crimes related to violence against women and those related to substance abuse, assault and weapons, the study found.

The study was designed, among other things, to test attitudes of men who buy sex. It found that as a group, they share certain attitudes and behavioral tendencies different from their non-buying peers.

Almost three in four of the sex buyers reported they learned about sex from pornography, whereas only 54 percent of the non-buyers did so.

The two groups also held significantly different attitudes regarding whether prostitution was consenting sex or exploitation. Men who bought sex were significantly less empathetic toward women working as prostitutes.

Two thirds of both groups concluded most women prostitutes had been lured, tricked or trafficked into the work.

But sex buyers “seemed to justify their involvement in the sex industry by stating their belief … that women in prostitution were intrinsically different from non-prostituting women,” the study’s authors said.

The majority of both groups, 61 percent of sex buyers and 70 percent of non-buyers, currently had a wife or girlfriend.

Reporting by Ros Krasny  Wed, Jul 20, 2011




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  1. nerdygirl
    July 26th, 2011 at 14:12 | #1

    I’d say that probably has more to do with the activity being illegal then the activity itself.

    I’m sure you’d also find people who steal are also more likely to have committed other felonies then people who don’t steal.

  2. July 27th, 2011 at 11:58 | #2

    @nerdygirl No, it goes to their moral character. If they are the type to pay for sex, their moral character is already quite flawed.

  3. nerdygirl
    July 27th, 2011 at 20:30 | #3

    @Glenn E. Chatfield
    Because paying for sex is so much less moral then picking up a random girl at a bar?

    No, I’m willing to bet the fact that it’s illegal has some baring on the outcome. Correlation does not equal causation goes both ways.

  4. July 28th, 2011 at 06:15 | #4

    @nerdygirl From my experience of knowing both types, the ones who pick up girls at a bar, etc at least try to give a bit of attention to the lady, while those paying for it are just quickly relieving themselves. Both are immoral, but I think the one that looks to pay for sex as if it is any other product has a more demented attitude.

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