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Andy Crouch, IVF in Germany, and Phyllis Schlafly

June 2nd, 2011

There are several new things up on the podcast page (and more to come).  Recent additions include:

On the latest issue (May 16) of her radio show, “From the Front Lines of the Culture War,” Dr J interviewed Andy Crouch, author of “Culture Making: Recovering our Creative Calling.”  He’s focused on the things we’re creating and upholding; the “you’re just against this” charge sounds more ridiculous than ever.  (Check out CatholicRadioOfSanDiego.com for more information on the show.)

On May 18, Dr J and Todd Wilken met on Issues, Etc to discuss Germany’s recent decision to subsidize in vitro fertilization in order to stimulate their birthrate.

There’s also an interview given by Dr J to Phyllis Schlafly on Eagle Forum Live, where they discussed non-religious reasons to support traditional marriage and took comments and questions.

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  1. Glenda
    June 12th, 2011 at 17:29 | #1


    I’m a little kid and I feel that inside of me there is a real adult.
    Yes, I have what you could say is an “adult identity.” I know I was born an adult because I never did choose to be an adult.
    Since I’m really, really an adult deep down inside, why is it I’m not allowed to go to “adult only” places and act like adults?
    I mean, kids in Palestine can carry adult guns. Kids in other Muslim places can cut off heads in videos. And kids in San Francisco can watch gays having sex in public, so why can’t “adult” kids like me act like those adults?
    If a man can be the “woman” inside of him, and if a woman can be the “man” she says is inside of her, I demand to live out the “adult identity” that I know is really, really inside of me!
    Since a cat may think he’s the “mouse” inside of him, and since our “Christian” President can be the “Muslim” inside of him, I demand the right to be the transbeing adult that was inside of me even before I was born!

    signed, Charlie (I mean – Mr. Brown)

    [The foregoing snippet was seen on the web!]

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