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Witch-Hunt: Catholics4Equality debuts app to “report hostile activity” from the pew!

December 9th, 2010

Name UserAmerican by Thomas Peters

I have never witnessed such a blatant, systematic attempt to undermine the Catholic Church as the one I am writing about today.

The latest Catholyc astoturf group “Catholics for Equality” (which I exposed a couple months ago) already had me deeply concerned when they introduced a “Report Anti-Equality Activity!” section on their webpage.

But now they have taken things to a whole different level. Aniello Alioto, one of their founding members, explains their group’s strategic plan to undermine the Church – yes, even in the pews of your parish (emphasis mine):

One of the most interesting aspects of this campaign is our understanding that we don’t need the consent of our hierarchy to effectively mobilize our fellow pro-equality parishioners inside our churches.  This Christmas we will be rolling out the Catholics for Equality line of smartphone apps, which will allow supporters to connect with each other while they’re sitting in the pews or attending an after-church social.   The apps will also allow them to report hostile activity in their parish or make a special contribution to the campaign as the Holy Spirit moves them.

Let’s be clear what Alioto is saying: their organization plans to encourage its membership during Christmas to bring their phones to Church and to “report” from the pew whenever a priest or bishop dares to preach about the family or issues related to marriage, and to conduct fundraising in our sacred spaces.

It’s hard to imagine a more intrusive attempt to undermine the freedom of Catholic parishes and pastors to preach what the Church teaches to Catholics who are already constantly maligned outside of Mass about their views. Catholics for Equality has decided to take their fight against the Church into the very heart of our sacred worship spaces.

Gay activists will claim their movement is about tolerance and getting along, but their actual tactics – tactics I have experienced personally – favor intimidation and forcing those who disagree (especially Catholics and other Christians) to “change” in response to their dictates, or else face sophisticated in-your-face campaigns like this one.

Furthermore, it goes without saying that I consider the claim that the Holy Spirit will move Catholics to fund at Mass organizations explicitly set against our priests and bishops to be blasphemous and offensive; a sin against the Holy Spirit, in fact.

I have uploaded Alioto’s full letter online and have mirrored it in case Catholics For Equality attempts to take the original down and hide the evidence later on.

For those of you who want to put together the pieces, Alioto is the Political Director for Progress Now, a George Soros-funded progressive organization. This places Catholics For Equality firmly in the family of catholyc astroturf organizations bent on undermining the Church’s identity and traditional teaching, turning Catholics against Catholic.

So what do we do?

Keep reading.

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  1. Leo
    December 9th, 2010 at 19:04 | #1

    I am not a Catholic, but I would think that having your cell phone on and using it during any religious services in a church, synagogue, or mosque would be quite a violation of both respect toward the institution and simple etiquette towards one’s fellow congregants. I can understand something like a physician, policeman, fireman, or emergency first responder having his pager on for an emergency, but otherwise I can’t see a reasonable need for anyone to be on the phone, texting, or otherwise showing such disrespect for the time and place of worship.

    Post 95 theses on the door if you must, but keep the cell phones off.

  2. Courtney
    December 9th, 2010 at 19:58 | #2

    Yeah, my church had to ban texting during Mass. Sad that they actually have to say that, but at least they’re being clear about what’s appropriate in Mass.

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