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Maggie weighs in on the new study…

February 1st, 2010

Maggie Gallagher reacts to the new study purporting to show that the gender of parents doesn’t matter to the well-being of children.

Back in the 1990s, when I went into the public square and said, “Marriage really matters because children need a mom and a dad,” I wasn’t permitted to rest my case on vague generalities — I was required to produce data. Mounds of data, in fact. We have no scientific evidence at all, that I know of, that children raised by same-sex couples benefit if their unions are legally considered marriages.Why is that now self-evident? Why is no data at all required of people proposing novel family forms, while anyone advocating for something traditional requires mounds of scientific data to get a hearing in the public square?…

I do not think same-sex marriage will serve child well-being in any appreciable way, and I don’t think there is much sign that that is the goal….

Same-sex marriage is primarily an attempt to serve the dignity interests of gay people. It represents the government’s good housekeeping seal of approval on the idea that their relationships are the same as anyone else. Let’s not fool ourselves; we’re not doing this for the kids.

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  1. Heidi
    May 25th, 2010 at 15:56 | #1

    Yeah, try telling that to my kids who want to know why their parents aren’t allowed to get married when other kids’ parents are allowed. Please, explain to my children why our family is treated differently and why we always need to make sure that we have all of our legal paperwork in order before we travel in case an emergency happens in a state where our relationship is not recognized. Please, give my daughters an answer as to why it is that people don’t want her parents to be happy or our family to be treated equally. If the kids understand why marriage equality is important, what is wrong with the adults who just don’t get it or who just refuse to accept that families can exist in different but equal forms?

    And what a lovely little catch-22 you are creating by wanting data but refusing marriage equality! How are same-sex couples able to show that our children benefit from legally recognized marriages if you won’t let us marry?!? How convenient for you. There’s no data because we can’t get married and we can’t get married because there’s no data? More importantly, why are you so concerned about OTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN?!? Raise your children however you see fit, and I’ll take care of mine, thank you. My daughters are happy, healthy, well-adjusted children who just happen to have two moms and who wish that they could live in a world where ALL families are treated with respect and equality.

  2. Karen Grube
    May 25th, 2010 at 18:02 | #2

    You’re joking, right, Heidi? Same-sex ‘famililes’ ARE NOT EQUAL!!! What part of this do you not understand? Can two men or two women conceive a child naturally without the outside interference of a third party? Nope! Can two women or two men give a child the knowledge that they are loved and treasured by their natural biological parents enough to actually be raised by them? I don’t think so. Is it even remotely possible that a child can learn in those first precious months and years what it is like to live and interact with two members of the opposite sex who love them and gave them life the way a child learns from its mom and dad? Hmmm, NO!

    To even begin to think of same-sex marriage as equal to natural marriage is outrageous! And NO it doesn’t matter that there are some opposite-sex couples who choose not to or are unable to have children – or to adopt. The point is that ONLY the union of a man and a woman can create a child. That union is unique and absolutely deserves to be protected with our laws and our traditions (like weddings and the way we celebrate births) and with all of the effort we can put into NOT letting it be disrespected or deconstructed the way allowing same-sex marriage would!

    Over millennia, successful societies have all recognized the uniqueness of that man-woman relationship. THAT is why it concerns us a a society that some small, vocal, very wealthy group is trying to dilute the real definition of marriage to mean just about any two (or more) people who want to hook up! The problem is that we all KNOW the push for gay ‘marriage’ has very little to do with marriage and families (which are generally defined as life-long relationships of commitment, though we KNOW that isn’t true in the gay comminity) and all about forcing the entire gay agenda on the rest of us, like it or not. And our government should not be part of that. In fact, our government should invest itself in honoring and preserving the relationships that actually MAKE a soceity successful, not those that tear it down! Most people know this instinctively, and that is in large part why this current Congress and many state legislators will not be allowed back into office after the next election, despite efforts to buy seats in state legislatures by organizations like the HRC and the Gill Foundation. I hope that’s clear.

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